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Have you got The Bottle?

Have you got The Bridport Bottle? Refill Bridport!

The  Bridport Bottle is an orange reusable water bottle and is on sale at Tourist Information in South Street. This very striking bottle is just £3.50 and can be refilled for free at various places in town, as part of the Refill scheme. The bottle is orange to tie in with the Town logo and is fully recyclable. The Town Council has produced this bottle in an effort to cut down on single use plastic in the area.

Refill is a national scheme whereby outlets such as restaurants, cafes, pubs agree to refill with tap water the reusable water bottles brought in by customers. It is therefore a way of counteracting the use of single use throwaway plastic water bottles – a major part of marine pollution as anyone who has walked on a beach can see for themselves. Here in Bridport the outlets signed up to Refill are –

Number 10 in East St.

Aroma Cafe, East St.

Green Yard, Barrack St.

BearKat Cafe, Barrack St.

Red Brick Cafe, St Michael’s Trading Estate

Cafe Bean, South St.

Tourist Information, South St.

Blue Moon Cafe, Victoria Grove

Beach & Barnicott, South St.

SoulShine, South St.

With hopefully more to follow!

Look out for the Refill sticker around town. Come and see us in Tourist Information, buy your bottle and we will fill it up for you!


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