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The Multi Award winning Tourist Information Centre strives to be as sustainable as possible, and also promote a responsible lifestyle in the town. With this in mind we fully support Plastic Free Bridport and we are looking to see what further steps we can take to eliminate single use plastic in our business.


Many households produce extra waste over Christmas but much of it can be recycled using your Recycle for Dorset service.  If we are going to exchange gifts think about the wrapping paper and/or cards we are buying, anything with foil or glitter on cannot be recycled.  Please use cardboard and generally recyclable packaging, no polystyrene.

Remember also that even though Dorset Council does not collect Christmas trees with rubbish or recycling at the kerbside there are other ways to recycle your tree, by composting it, cutting it up and putting it in your garden waste bin, taking it to the local household recycling centre OR why not book a tree collection with a Dorset based charity, check local availability.

Within the last few years the TIC has introduced various eco-friendly products and initiatives in the town such as:


Reusable alternatives to their single use counterparts, emblazoned with the

Bridport Emblem and in town colours, these are all more than just souvenirs!

The water bottle can be refilled, for free, at many businesses throughout the

town with the “Refill” scheme & the cup opens up offers from various cafes in the area.

The Bridport Bag has been around the longest and it’s hard to walk down the

high street without spotting one! They are incredibly popular and wear well,

even with the most frequent of our high street visitors.

The Festival Cup is a reusable 1 pint cup for use at the many Bridport Festivals and

events (and also  festivals and events in other parts of the country!) thereby

cutting down on single use plastic. It has an eye catching design and

incorporates the social media tags and website address for Bridport Tourist

Infomation Centre.

All 4 are available in the online shop. Click here for details.


The Bridport Paper Bag was brought in last year as an alternative to single use

plastic bags. The Tourist Information Centre now solely uses these recyclable bags

and they are being rolled out through the Market traders and any other local

businesses looking for an alternative to single use plastic.

For more information on sustainability, responsible tourism and of course information on Bridport & the surrounding area pop in to Bridport Tourist Information Centre!

Click here for information on Responsible Tourism

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