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Bucky Doo Square
Photo by Tim Russ

The vibrant and bustling Bucky Doo Square is in the heart of Bridport. Ask any local person for directions to Bucky Doo and they will point you in the direction of the  Town Hall which is located in the Square and a focal point of the town, but ask them why it is called Bucky Doo and its likely that they will be perplexed. There are a few theories on the origin of the name (which was chosen from a competition run locally) ranging from the name of a 17th Century inn, which allegedly existed here  – The Buck and Doe, to Oxford’s Bocardo Prison that had links to Bridport.  The most whimsical theory is that a pen of goats was located here on market days and there would have been a lot of Bucks’ Doo to walk through!  Whatever the real reason for the name we will never know, making Bucky Doo Square as interesting and enigmatic as Bridport itself.

Photo by Tim Russ

There are many wooden benches along with the Bucky Doo seat itself, in the square allowing locals and visitors alike the space to sit and relax, to listen to the many and varied musicians that regularly perform, to soak up the atmosphere of the Bridport hustle and bustle, have a piece of cake, some lunch, chat with family and friends.   With the installation of the fountain in Bucky Doo Square, refilling your water bottle is even easier.

The Bucky Doo seat and panels was designed and constructed by Karl Dixon of Dixon Stonemasons in Bridport in 1976.  The area behind the town hall now known as Bucky Doo square was previously used as a taxi rank. There was a desire by the Town Council to make the area more of an amenity for townspeople and suggestions were invited from the community.
Dixon Stonemasons made representation to the council that they would like to provide designs for a decorative stone seat to be the centrepiece to a cobbled area. An octagon shape was chosen to allow as many panels as possible to illustrate the history of the town, its geography and industry.
The panels themes are:
1 The Town Badge
2 The sovereigns under whose reign the town grew and referencing the granting of the Market
Charter which is still celebrated today.
3 Dr Roberts creator of the ‘Poor Man’s Friend” and his shop which still exists in East Street
4 The Clipper ‘Speedy’ built in Bridport Harbour to represent Bridport shipbuilding history
5 First and last train to travel the Maiden Newton to West Bay railway line showing West Bay
6 This panel illustrates the history of rope making in the town
7 The coast line looking east and west from West Bay
8 And finally a bakers dozen of local children within whom the future lies.

The name for the newly enhanced square came as a result of a completion held to name the square and therefore the seat became the Bucky Doo seat.
The stone used in the construction is a mixture of Portland and Purbeck limestone.  The roof and the skirt are slate from Delabole in Cornwall.
All the work was carried out in a unit on St Michaels Trading Estate in Bridport.

Live music is performed regularly in Bucky Doo and is a popular feature of  Bridport Market days contributing to the tremendous atmosphere in the town. A varied programme of music to appeal to most musical tastes is on offer. There are regularly stalls promoting local and national charities, selling books, bric a brac and cakes as well as all manner of other items. If you would like the opportunity to perform in the square or to book your charity in for a fundraising opportunity just pop in to the Tourist Information Office situated in the Square, below the Town Hall, and have a chat to the helpful staff who programme the calendar of events.

Download the Bucky Doo booking form HERE
Photo by Tim Russ

All events are weather dependant and subject to change. All events will strictly adhere to Government guidelines regarding Covid-19. Performers and stall holders are responsible for managing social distancing.

Because of its central position Bucky Doo hosts many of the most significant town events the Folk Festival, the Hat Festival, Charter Fair and Christmas Cheer, to name a few.

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Photo by Tim Russ
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