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St Mary’s Primary School’s Night of Honour

‘It is a privilege to be part of the Bridport community… St Mary’s school would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that has made such a significant contribution to our lives.’ These were the words of St Mary’s head teacher, Mrs Farmer who along with her fellow teachers and pupils, went on to present individuals, groups and organisations with their Night of Honour awards.

Cupboard Love, which distributes food to the local community and opens its food bank every Wednesday morning at St Mary’s Church in Bridport, won the Support Group of the year. Frampton’s Butchers were awarded the Friendliest Shop of the Year. Mr Lee Cuff was named Sports Person of the Year with his Children’s Football Club which has been running for near 13 years.

These few were amongst the many deserving names that were mentioned on the evening.

The children of St. Mary’s Primary School entertained the audience with several fantastic acts, including an educational but spectacular experiment from The Science Geeks and a beautiful performance sung by the school Choir.

The St Mary’s school pupils were also responsible for voting for the Event of the Year. The award was picked up by the annual fireworks display organised by the Bridport Round Table.

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