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PiPA Assessment Feedback

A complete analysis on the existing park and new design has been undertaken using the PiPA tool. This is a tool created by Inclusive Play in partnership with Kids the Children’s Charity and Occupational Therapists from USA and UK. It has been trialled by families and children with disabilities to test for suitability and practicality.


West Bay is an excellent day-out location, complete with accessible toilet facilities on site and plenty of parking. Its proximity to the beach is another great benefit. The design layout is nicely zoned, allowing for quieter play away from the busy more challenging equipment at the South end of the space.

There is lots of seating and a good amount of shade provided. The design has been carefully considered to include a wide range of play activity including sensory and musical items, opportunities for risk and challenge as well as the use of fine motor skills. A wheelchair accessible swing is also included. There are lots of great tactile elements included through wood carving panels, rope textures, boulders, sand, timber and planting. The coastal theme of the play area will inspire imaginative and social play. There are elevated levels in the playground which are wheelchair accessible allowing for children to experience height. Access into the space is possible at different ends of the playground; for children with autism or sensory processing disorders this can be crucial. Instead of accessing straight into a noisy busy space, there is the option to go via a quieter zone allowing for time to observe and gather confidence.

The potential to develop vestibular and proprioceptive skills is provided in the form of a ground level trampoline.

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