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The Bridport Prize Wants You!

The Bridport Prize is creating a film that will help promote Bridport and The Bridport Prize to an international audience. With that in mind…

WHO? People of all ages, we need you!

WHAT? We will be filming people reading or looking at a book with their children as our camera passes through the crowd.

WHERE? Join us at Bridport’s Millennium Green, bring a book you love or are reading. Maybe include a rug to sit on and a brolly (just in case!). Whatever the weather we want to see you! Sadly, no dogs please.

WHEN? Thursday, 7 October 2021 from 5pm to 7pm

WHY? By participating, you’re consenting freely to appear in the opening sequence of the Bridport Prize Awards Film 2021m premiered on YouTube, 28 October.

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