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Asker Meadows New Management Plan 2019-2024

ASKER MEADOWS – A New Management Plan 2019-2024 ….. Why a new plan?

Asker Meadows is a much loved and much used green space close to the heart of Bridport. The Meadows together with the area known as New Zealand provide much needed green spaces; for wildlife, for a range of community events, for walkers and their dogs and for a Sustrans route for cyclists. Over the last 5 years the Town Council working with the Asker Meadows Nature Reserve Group have undertaken a number of practical improvements. More activity now needs to be considered and planned for.

It is important that the management plan for Asker Meadows ensures that the interest of wildlife and the many users are balanced and mitigations are put in place to address community concerns. Over the next six months the Town Council will be working with local residents and the wider community to gather information and produce a new management plan for Asker Meadows.

Find out more about the new management plan for Asker Meadows and how you can help make the plan work for all interests; contact Brian Atkinson or Dave Dixon, Bridport Town Council 01308 456722

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