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Columns reinstated at Bridport Town Hall

Columns are reinstated

The four columns supporting the first floor have now been reinstated at the sourthern end of the building. One original column was uncovered when the toilets were removed from the building and three new columns have been installed, taking the building…

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Box and bell are reunited

Secret drawers discovered

Two secret drawers have been discovered beneath the steps of the mayoral dais in the Council Chamber. The drawers were spotted when the ceilings of the ground floor were taken down, exposing the underneath of the wooden structure. A large quantity…

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Section of the Bucky Doo Square mural prior to damage. The boat and weather vane detail will be remade and the mural repaired

Cameras capture damage

There was an attempted break in at the compound outside Bridport Town Hall recently, which was caught on the town centre CCTV and a person was arrested soon afterwards. The case was dealt with by the Bridport Community Justice Panel…

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Steel props support the dropped wall until permanent supports are put in place

Major cracks exposed

The stripping back has also exposed a structural problem which, had it not been discovered now, could have been an issue at some time in the future. Initial plans were to conserve the original lathe and plaster ceiling in the…

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Princess Margaret outside Bridport Town Hall in 1953

Memories wanted

Bridport Town Council is working with Bridport Museum to capture and record the memories and stories of local people and their connections with the Town Hall. For over 200 years the Town Hall has been both the civic and symbolic…

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Mini diggers move into the Town Hall to excavate the ground floor

Floor excavations

Over the past couple of weeks the careful task of excavating the ground floor has been underway.  When finished the Town Hall will have level access from Bucky Doo square but in order to achieve this, the current floor level…

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Bridport Town Hall lathe and plaster ceiling exposed

Original structures exposed

With construction work now a few weeks in, the fittings of the ground floor toilets have been removed and the painstaking task of uncovering the original structures of the building has begun. As a Grade 1 listed building, all demolishion work…

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Bridport Town Hall plan

Work Starts

Building works on the Town Hall Heritage and Conservation Project has now started. Bridport Town Council’s project is funded by the Town Council itself, a £600,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) together with support from West Dorset District Council…

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Local schools paint the Bridport Town Hall mural

Local Schools Paint the Town

Last week, Bridport Mayor, Cllr Geoff Ackerman, meet local artist Sarah Butterworth in Bucky Doo Square to view the fantastic 9 meter long mural she has created with the help of local schools. The mural is positioned on the southern…

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