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Call to Bridport Businesses to Help Prioritise Investment Needs Bridport Investment Plan

Call to Bridport Businesses to Help Prioritise Investment Needs Bridport Investment Plan

Bridport Town Council is working with local businesses to develop an Investment Plan for Bridport. The plan will form the basis for bids to Dorset Council and the government to improve the town centre and support local businesses to undertake transition to a net zero future.
Details of how the new funding packages from government will be delivered in Dorset are emerging. The Town Council recognises that a coherent plan, developed with widespread stakeholder engagement will put Bridport in a good position to secure the much-needed funding required to support economic regeneration. Investment themes include: skills training, transport and access improvements and making the most of the rich arts and heritage assets of the town. Council Leader Dave Rickard identified a pressing need for investment in infrastructure; “Electricity sub stations are at capacity so If businesses and householders are to shift to an all electric energy future then the
electricity grid in the town needs upgrading”. Throughout Summer 2022 the Town Council will be engaging in conversations with businesses, both individually and through representative bodies; Bridport Business Chamber, Federation of Small Businesses and Totally Locally Bridport.
During September 2022, the Town Council will hold a series of open meetings to share the regeneration ideas that have been gathered from businesses and agree the process for bringing the

Investment Plan together. The Investment Plan will be published by the Town Council in October
For more information go to:
Go to the online Bridport Investment Plan Questionnaire :
Closing date for submissions August 30th 2022

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