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Bridport Skatepark Design Vision

Bridport Skatepark Design Vision

We would welcome your views and input so we can develop this idea and create a space that is truly designed for the community of riders in Bridport.

Please click here to find out more information and complete the questionnaire.

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  1. With the current mess / noise / drug use at the current park that is putting a lot of family off going there… what are the plans to to stop making this an even bigger problem PLUS the increased noise is going to have detrimental effects on the adjacent tennis courts

  2. Hi

    As a extreme sports enthusiast for coming up 30 years ,
    And regular user of skate park , as well as volunteering at the charity indoor skate parks skate and ride at gore cross . I’ve been part of projects building skatepark and helped with the training facility that helped team gb 🇬🇧 win Olympic medals 🏅 in bmx .
    In my view the design of the skate park needs re looking at and changing . To include more taller ramps , and everything at the current lay out is set at 1.2 metres bar an extension on one ramp .
    I presume it’s perhaps to do with insurance perhaps or “a way to make the park safer”
    It won’t make the park any safer having smaller ramps I can assure you crashes happen on any size ramp , if anything more so on smaller ramps as people become complacent on smaller ramps and take / try riskier moves resulting in more crashes .
    So I see it a complete over site to only have one 6 foot high extension .
    Ramos get up to 14 feet …
    This park is set out for novices and beginners , which is fine , but what happens when they want to progress , or for more experienced riders? This current park wil not aid progression or cater for riders above novice level
    I think it should have a serious re design

    Take a look at other concrete park designs and it will be obvious the truth I speak

    Great news that the park is getting up graded …
    Be nice if the powers to be would tie in with skate and ride 2020 and offer some support there to for the winter months when this new out door facility wouldn’t be able to be used with rain and wind

    All the best and great news of the parks proposal

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