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LETS is a way to help your hard-earned cash go a bit further and make ends meet.  Our members have been doing this in Bridport for nearly 25 years and our group is still thriving.

It is a way to buy or sell, do a favour, or accept a favour, using our very own local currency, the NET, instead of cash.  Our group continues to have a large membership – local people who are introduced to other members through a directory, where members list their offers of goods, services and skills.   Everyone has something to offer, young or old – it can work for anyone.  Our directory is packed with such offers as:   accommodation, childcare, domestic help, gardeners, goods for hire, cooking, transport, tuition…the list goes on.

If you want to know more, please contact:

Anne Rickard:

Or visit our website at –  where you can join online.

Contact telephone number: 01308 420908

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