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The Bridport Local Area Partnership (BLAP) is a partnership formed by Bridport Town Council with fourteen parish councils and more than ninety local organisations and individuals working for the economic, social, environmental and cultural wellbeing of the area community.

For more information, please contact  Claire Peters-Way on Tel: 01308 456722 or email

The list of BLAP member organisations can be viewed here . If you would like to join us, please click on the button below for a membership form.

BLAP Membership form

The Bridport Local Area Partnership has been established as part of the community planning initiative, which is designed to give local communities more influence on the decisions that affect the development of their area and its services.

The role of Bridport Local Area Partnership in community planning is to:

  • Listen to the views of local people and local organisations on local issues and needs;
  • Present local views to decision-makers, in order to influence the decisions being made about the local area and its services;
  • Help local people, groups and communities to get involved in activities to meet local needs and improve the quality of life in the area; and
  • Encourage organisations and authorities providing services to respond to local views and to work together to meet local needs more effectively.

You can view the Partnership’s protocols here.

Geographic Area

The Bridport Local Area Partnership (BLAP) covers Bridport and the neighbouring rural parishes, including Charmouth to the west and Puncknowle and Swyre to the east. The partnership includes the town and parish councils, community groups, voluntary organisations and business associations within the area.

How was it set up and how does it work?

The process of establishing BLAP was led by Bridport Town Council, which is also providing the secretariat for the partnership, and supported by West Dorset District Council. Together they fund a Project Manager to support the partnership. However, the Bridport Local Area Partnership is an independent body, which is developing its own structure and processes, and its activities are determined by the member organisations through the Steering Group, which includes representatives from Bridport Town Council, fourteen parish councils and leading local organisations tackling some of the key issues facing the area (The Bridport Chamber of Trade and Commerce, The Bridport Environment Group, the Bridport Fiftyplus Forum, the Western Area Transport Action Group, Dorset Agenda 21, the Bridport Area Forum for People with Disabilities and the Bridport and District Tourism Association).

BLAP Membership form    BLAP Members list   BLAP Protocol    BLAP Leaflet – 2018

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