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Since 2005 schools throughout Bridport have been adopting the Rights and Responsibilities of Key Human Rights with great success, and they now sit at the heart of the schools’ ethos and values.   All schools within the Minerva Trust put the rights of children at the heart of their school ethos and values.  Children and students learn their rights (and consequent responsibilities) and apply the values associated with these rights in the way they behave and learn.

Bridport Town Council’s ambition has been to make Bridport a ‘Rights-Respecting’ town, as the students had, over the years, expressed that these Rights and Responsibilities weren’t always applied when they were out of school.

A Town Charter steering group was formed and after much discussion and consultation with town citizens the Bridport Citizens’ Charter was developed and adopted by Bridport Town Council in January 2018.

The ambition is that the town citizens will also adopt the values which are contained in the charter and which the children and students are living by, thus widening the approach right across the town.

There is a Citizens’ Charter Book, kept in Bridport’s Tourist Information Centre for anyone to sign to show their support – just ask at the counter.

York was the first city to make this kind of declaration, but Bridport is the first town.

Contact Telephone: 01308 456722

Contact Email:

Website: Bridport Citizens Charter


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