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Super Natured – Brighter Futures

Super Natured – Brighter Futures

Posted 3 years ago


Super Natured – Brighter Futures

There are significant numbers of young people in the Bridport area live in situations that limit their expectations, esteem and confidence.Some experience bulling, abuse or neglect, others face barriers to basic opportunities because of economic or family reasons. These challenges can often result in limited social development or poor physical and mental health. We are offering an opportunity with potential to act as a positive catalyst to improve happiness, health, outlook, bring real change to young peoples’ aspirations and futures.

We are also looking for any help, from anyone on the following:-

  1. A handful of hand tools (trowels & forks), a watering can or two and herb/veggie seeds for young people to use at Bridport Youth and Community Centre.
  2. A local firm who may be prepared to build 90/90/90cm stone plinth (we have materials) ready for a pizza oven to be built on top by young people and volunteers to encourage lots of teenagers to grow and prepare fresh food – or £200-250 for someone to be paid to do it!
  3. Volunteer help with the build of the pizza oven or mentoring young people at the centre on what and how best to grow herbs, veggies etc. A BDS check will be required, but these sessions can be supervised by youth workers and Edwards & Eve Cob Building  We’d like to run a workshop with young people and volunteers at the youth centre for £550 including materials to build the oven. We’re trying to knock them down a bit on this, but have the money between BYCC and Super Natured.
  4. One or two solitary bee boxes (so you can see nests in tubes) to help young people understand roll of pollinators
  5. Any donations (regardless of how modest) to help us deliver this exciting programme of tasters to match 40 young people up with a new healthy outdoor pursuit around Bridport which will hopefully provide a catalyst for growth and development.

We have to pay for extra youth supervisors to take the burden of being responsible for participants – while clubs kindly provide instructors, mountain bike hire and British Cycling qualified leader for 2 days, with first aid, insurance etc

We will also be putting some money in place to support specific individuals who may need help with membership fees and basic kit, if they’ve shown interest, commitment and enthusiasm to continue, will cycle or get themselves to club activities. 

Please see our details on this project at:-

Donations can be made at:-

ANY IDEAS? that could help us, or if you’d like to discuss anything about the project, please give me a call on 07802 422630

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