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The Lyric Theatre: Michele O’Brien presents ‘The Ark and Dove’ on Tuesday 18 February 2pm


Michele O’Brien presents ‘The Ark and Dove’

Tuesday 18 February 2pm

The Lyric Theatre, 9 Barrack Street, Bridport DT6 3LX

Ticket Price: Adult £8.00 / Child £6.00

Tickets are non refundable

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How far would you go to be free? Would you leave your home? your country?…..your family?

Local award winning storyteller and actor Michele O’Brien will bring her magic to captivate audiences, through Storytelling, Dance and Puppetry. The Ark and Dove will entertain, enchant and educate audiences.

Mary’s in the Charity Shop pricing up donations. Through a treasure of objects she learns about the adventures of two ships The Ark and Dove – a gripping story from the year 1633. The story of Mary Jennings – a servant woman, who travels from Cowes on the Isle of Wight across the ocean, west, risking everything. She made it across the treacherous waters with others, determined to make a better life. Sound familiar?

In Maryland, America. Mary Jennings meets Mansi of the Piscataway tribe. They share their own stories, learn from each other and become friends.

Ideal for age 7+

Duration: 55mins

“Fantastic – the art of storytelling being revived. A must for children.” Audience member

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