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Hansel & Gretel at Symondsbury Tithe Barn on Sunday 16 February 4pm


Hansel & Gretel – a relaxed theatre experience, live music and gentle interaction

Sunday 16 February 4pm (doors 3:15pm)

The Tithe Barn, Symondsbury Estate, Bridport DT6 6HG

Ticket Price: £8.50

Tickets are non refundable

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Join Hansel and Gretel as they venture into the woods, trailing breadcrumbs and sharing their story as they go…

Paddleboat Theatre Company brings you a relaxed theatre experience, aimed at ages 3-10. Perfect for young ones and an introduction to theatre who don’t go to the theatre often.

This production includes sign supported English, live music and gentle interaction

“The mischievous siblings are on the hunt for sweet treats in the heart of the forest but might find more than they bargained for… With an enchanted forest set, playful characters and poetic storytelling, PaddleBoat will transform the stage into a wondrous woodland to capture the imaginations of young and old alike.”

Drinks and refreshments available.

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