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32. Dave Goulson at the Bridport Literary Festival on Friday 12 Nov 4.30pm


Dave Goulson – Silent Earth – Averting the Insect Apocalypse

Friday 12 November at 4.30pm

The Bull Hotel Ballroom, 34 East Street, Bridport DT6 3LF

Tickets: £12.00

Tickets are non refundable

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Dave Goulson – Silent Earth – Averting the Insect Apocalypse

Insects are essential for life as we know it. As their numbers decline at a shocking rate, our world will slowly grind to a halt. Both revealing and alarming Silent Earth is a rousing manifesto for a greener planet. It is a call to arms for change – agriculture, government policy, industry and ourselves. Goulson’s previous book Gardening for Bumblebees shows how to provide a refuge for a pollinator friendly haven.

An illustrated talk

Dave Goulson is a Professor of Biology at the University of Sussex and has published more than 300 scientific articles on the ecology and conservation of bumblebees and other insects. His books include: The Garden Jungle and A Sting in the Tale which was shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson prize and has been translated into fifteen languages. His magnus opus SILENT EARTH is both a heartfelt love letter to the insect world that had captivated him since childhood as well as an appeal to everyone to combat the catastrophic decline in the insects.

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