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The Charter Fair celebrates the granting both of the first Market Charter by Henry III in 1253 and the reconfirmation of the right to hold a market by Elizabeth I in 1554. Today, Bridport’s Market is rated in the top ten markets nationally, and our Town, our community, would not be what it is without it. The Fair therefore seeks to reflect that community – what it does, who does what – with a focus on a single day of entertainment, information and demonstration based in the Arts Centre and Bucky Doo Square.

The day vibrates with an eclectic music mix, a variety of stalls,  photographic and painting competitions, organisations demonstrating what they do in and for the community and, with all ages and a wide range of interests involved – from keep fit for the elderly to young skateboarders, from “have a go” Yoga to the Pantomime Players – the Fair is packed with ideas and opportunities.

For news & updates on the Charter Fair please visit

01308 423767

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