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Bridport Dark History Tours

Bridport Dark History Tours

Bridport Dark History Tours

(previously known as the ‘Bridport Ghost Walk’)

Will be running a series of afternoon walks around the town from July to September.

Find out where the ‘plague pits’ from the dark days of the dreaded ‘Black Death’ are hidden away: see where the ‘Battle of Bridport’ took place back in 1685: stand where blood drenched executions were once carried out in the old market place: hear terrible tales on the site of the old Bridport workhouse.
The tour is a gentle one hour (approx) walk centralised in and around the town. Suitable for families with older children.

Thursday 2.30pm (July – Sept)

Bucky Doo Square

Adult £6 / Child £3

Contact Adrian: 07923074787

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